Corn Oil

.Refined Corn Oil

Type: Corn Oil
Processing Type: Refined
Color: Clear
Purity (%): 0.05%
Packaging: Bulk Purity (%): 100
Volume (L): 5
Origin : Thailand
Use: Cooking
Cultivation Type: Common
Edible Refined Corn Oil: Refined Corn Oil
Transparence: Clear,transparence
Colour: Y< 25, R< 2.5
Moisture &volatility:< 0.1%
Impurity: < 0.05%
non-Saponification< 1.5%
Acidity: < 0.5 mgkoh/g
Smoke point >218
peroxide value< 10
aflatoxinbl< 5ug/kg
carbonyl meq/kg< 10


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