Jatropha Oil

We are direct manufacturer and exporter of Crud and Refined Rapeseed oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, soybeans oil, jatropha oil, canola oil, Palm oil, virgin coconut oil, Corn oil,Edible oil, used vegetable cooking oil.We need reputable buyers ready to buy and enter into long term yearly, monthly or weekly contracts with our company. We will highly welcome buyers who are willing to travel or send representatives. We would like our first time clients to visit us for viewing, purchase, business discussion, shipment and others, we are happy to welcome you in any of our branches. Contact us to start doing business with us.

Sunflower Oil,Corn oil,Soybean Oil,Olive oil,Jatropha oil,Sesame Oil,Palm oil,Coconut oil,Canola oil,Rapeseed Oil,Edible oil,Peanut oil.


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