Mondi Rotatrim Copy Paper

super white 100{0dfc830248d76b20c8c5e1efb232abfd72e8d1a28c929fb532a4c12496293de5}wood pulp

A4 brightness 92{0dfc830248d76b20c8c5e1efb232abfd72e8d1a28c929fb532a4c12496293de5}-110{0dfc830248d76b20c8c5e1efb232abfd72e8d1a28c929fb532a4c12496293de5}.

whiteness 150-160{0dfc830248d76b20c8c5e1efb232abfd72e8d1a28c929fb532a4c12496293de5}


A4/A3/letter size/legal size

We are able to supply large quantity  and best quality   copy paper.   For 70gsm, A3, A4, B4, B5, 8.5X11″, 16K, 8K are available; For 80gsm, A3, A4, B4, B5, 8.5X11″, 8.5X13″, 8.5X14″, 11X17″ are available, and guess what, 75gsm are aslo under production, there are A4, 8.5X11″, 8.5X13″, 8.5X14″, and 11X17″.  We have  92 to 106 brightness. good price.good quality.


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