Pini Kay Wood Briquettes

Briquettes are produced in modern equipment supplied by S.F. Nielsen company
(Denmark) – two briquetting presses BP-6000.
Briquettes are certified according to DIN *****.
Raw material content: a mixture of pine (90{0dfc830248d76b20c8c5e1efb232abfd72e8d1a28c929fb532a4c12496293de5}) and birch (10{0dfc830248d76b20c8c5e1efb232abfd72e8d1a28c929fb532a4c12496293de5})wastes from woodworking.
A briquette has a cylinder form, 90 mm in diameter (+5 mm) and 300 mm in length (±15 mm).
Density: 1,07 kg/dm3
Moisture content: 8.4 {0dfc830248d76b20c8c5e1efb232abfd72e8d1a28c929fb532a4c12496293de5}
Ash content: 0.72 {0dfc830248d76b20c8c5e1efb232abfd72e8d1a28c929fb532a4c12496293de5}
Calorific value: ***** MJ/kg
Briquettes are packed in shrink film, 5 pieces in 1 package.
Net weight of 1 package is 10 kg ±10{0dfc830248d76b20c8c5e1efb232abfd72e8d1a28c929fb532a4c12496293de5}.
Packages are placed on a Euro-pallet, wrapped by 3 layers of stretch film and bound by polypropylene belts.
A standard pallet has 100 packages (1000 kg ±5{0dfc830248d76b20c8c5e1efb232abfd72e8d1a28c929fb532a4c12496293de5})


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