Spruce Wood Pellet


–          size: 8 mm
–          length: 40 mm max
–          moisture: 8 {0dfc830248d76b20c8c5e1efb232abfd72e8d1a28c929fb532a4c12496293de5} max
–          ash: 2 {0dfc830248d76b20c8c5e1efb232abfd72e8d1a28c929fb532a4c12496293de5} max
–          calorific value: 4200-4800 kcal/kg
–          packing: 650 kgs/jumbo or bulk into container.

Wooden pellets from Austrian producer

we produce and sell pellets made of pine, spruce and other Austrian wood.
we produce 6 and 8 mm pellets. we pack in 15 kg bags or big bags.
we have certification and documents.

the main aspects of our company:
– good quality;
– delivery in time;
– the full package services;
– warehousing;
– arranging transportation up to ddp term



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