Sulfur Coated Urea


Urea Granules are repeatedly coated with a suspension of liquid sulfur to ensure the coating uniformity of each granular.

Sulfur Coated Urea(SCU)


Increase both yield and income.

Be able to match crop nutrients demand during the whole growth season. It can increase yield by 10{0dfc830248d76b20c8c5e1efb232abfd72e8d1a28c929fb532a4c12496293de5}-40{0dfc830248d76b20c8c5e1efb232abfd72e8d1a28c929fb532a4c12496293de5}.


High efficiency in saving Fertilizer.

Reduce nutrients loss and improve the use efficiency of fertilizers by more than 30{0dfc830248d76b20c8c5e1efb232abfd72e8d1a28c929fb532a4c12496293de5}.


Time and labor saving.

Reduce application time and dosage, avoid the express absorption of nitrogen by crops, which plays an important role in suppressing disease and improve quality.


Eco-Environments protection.

Reduce pollution by leaching into the soil, groundwater, and air caused by fertilizer loss
Long release time.

Nutrients can be released in designing time, such as 2-12 months for different formulations

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