Wood Shaving

Wood shavings is the waste obtained when wood is shaped or planed using carpentry tools or machines like planers and milling machines. Wood shavings do not have a fixed size or shape. Generally they are flat thin curls that peel off the surface of wood when it is run through a planning machine or planer.


Material: pine and mixed wood (acacia, rubber, eucalyptus,..)

Size: 3-15mm

Ash: 1{0dfc830248d76b20c8c5e1efb232abfd72e8d1a28c929fb532a4c12496293de5} Max

Moisture: 10{0dfc830248d76b20c8c5e1efb232abfd72e8d1a28c929fb532a4c12496293de5} max

Joyview’s Wood shaving features:

Great odor control
Super absorbent
Dust Free
Easy to Clean Up
Really Expands
Eco Friendly
Soft and comfortable bedding
E0-Class, Safe for your pets and your families.


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